Kariton Festival



KARITON: A wooden cart drawn by a carabao  is an ancient means of transportation used by our ancestors that still being used until today despite the presence of modern mode of transportation

Don Dalmacio Esguerra our founding father used kariton  when they left San Nicolas, Ilocos Sur until they finally settled and found this town, LICAB. Kariton was used in hauling agriculture equipments, products and still widely used today and served as vital partner of farmers in this 4th class municipality. A farmer cannot do better even today if one does not own a Kariton.

In fitting recognition to the significance of this very important farm equipment, that local Government Unit of Licab started holding a Kariton Festival since 2008. The first time that the Foundation Day of Licab was celebrated after a long research on its history.

Basically, Licab an agriculture community and formerly belonging to one of the poorest municipalities in the country and classified as 6th Class Municipality. Licab is now proud to be 4th Class Municipality and has started to feel the fruits of its labour.

In fitting tribute to te Patron of Farmers, San Isidro de Labrador, a chapel was constructed in his honor which is now one of our tourist attractions. It is made of adobe ad depicting an old Spanish built church.

Licab now produces on of the best organically grown rice, owning to its fertile soil aside from various agricultural products like fruits and vegetable being showcased during the agro trade fair.

Native fruits are processed into candies. The Local Government Unit has already started planting different varieties of fruits bearing trees expected to bloom within  the next five years. Hence, the concept of Licab being the “ fruit Basket” not only of the province but of the whole central Luzon. We aim to offer abundant fresh fruits throughout the year.

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